Nov 19, 2006

Something New and

I am trying something a little different, so we'll see how it goes... I am posting this through email since the internet here at the hotel is a little wiggy... Guess we'll see... :-)

So, check it out... I surprised Shan with a present... I bought her a Dell laptop to help her with her National Teaching Certification stuff! Of course,since MY laptop is still being returned to me from Toshiba, she got quite a kick out of turning to me this morning and asking, "So, would YOU like to borrow MY laptop?" I asked her if she ever thought she would be asking that question, especially to ME!? It was funny! :-)

The other day, Shan's blowdryer quit working. We were talking about it, and I said something about running to Wal-Mart to get a new one... Emily piped up at that time and said, "Why don't you just go to" Emily is such a child of the 2k's... I mean, forget Walmart, forget Fred's, her response to almost any situation? DOT COM IT! :-)

Sharepoint class starts tomorrow (Monday).. Should be interesting... Definitely fun, since most of the people in the class will be K-12! :-)

There is a tunnel on I-540 that cuts through the Ozarks... Now, I grew up around Pittsburgh, so the Ft. Pitt tunnels were a pretty big deal... Then, I lived in Colorado and the Eisenhower tunnel is a very big deal... Given my points of reference, the tunnel we have to pass through to get to Fayetteville is just not that big a deal... And they have about 50 telephone boxes through the tunnel... Seriously, like one every 20 feet or something stupid... If I remember, the Ft. Pitt tunnel (which I would guess-timate to be at least twice as long) has like 3 places you could find a pass-through walkway and I'm not sure there was a phone in the tunnel at all... I could be wrong... Not likely, mind you... But I could be.. :-)

The steelers won today! The Hogs won Saturday! The Prescott Curley Wolves won Friday night! It's like some weird planet alignment thing going on here... I sent John (the guy I work with) a link to my blog... He said, "This is too much like a diary, man... I'm sorry!" I laughed and told him I totally understood..:-) Sometimes, this is a lot like a diary... Other times, it's just random junk filling my head... :-)

In either case, I appreciate you reading this, whoever you may be! :-)


  1. No, there are no phones visible when you drive through the Fort Pitt Tunnels, or the Liberty Tubes, or the Armstrong Tunnels, or the recently re-opened Wabash Tunnel. I guess they are tunnel paranoid down in that part of the country. Good thing that don't have the bridges we have!

    I like Girl thinks like her Aunt Shari. Can't like that runnin' to the store stuff. Buy the damn thing on line!

  2. Hey, Add child, have you forgotten about MY blog? hmmmmmm? Don't see any comments....? What's up with that? I check yours everyday...........