Nov 10, 2006

Where My Peeps At?

Okay, so if you've been playing along at home, I'm sure you may have noticed a few changes to the blog as of today (Friday)... You see, Blogger has a new template/layout thing and so I decided to embark into the world of 'drag-and-drop' templates... Why? Who knows.. Chalk it up to my techno-A.D.D... :-) Anyway, the one thing it took away was the listing of recent comments, so I will figure out how to make those come back... A couple of cool features, though, is the obvious addition of the picture of my kiddos, and the way the previous posts are listed on the right now.. :-) Neat stuff!

Cars Banner

As you may know, CARS came out on DVD!! YAY! I bought the Wal-Mart special version that has an extra DVD with cool little extras (music videos, the making of, etc..). I could watch CARS hundreds of times and love every minute of it each time... I know, I'm weird like that....


It is Christmas PEEPS time! Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men.... I have at-shirt that I wear when I am hanging out with a picture of a PEEPS chick that reads "Where My Peeps At?" I love it! :-) And, it is very comfy... As a side-thought, I bought a MASH t-shirt the other day... Why? It was on clearance and I happen to have been one of those people who grew up watching MASH every time it was on (my mother was/is a HUGE MASH fan, and it definitely rubbed off on me!).
A Peeps Parade!

Oh... I had to re-install Windows on my desktop at work... Yes, I sent my LAPTOP off to Kentucky this week (see post regarding dead hard drive...)... Well, I decided to 'play' with some new Microsoft software.. Specifically, Expression Web, which is the replacement for Frontpage... Well, I'm not sure what happened but after I played with it for a bit, I decided to UNinstall it.. The uninstall failed and my computer started acting really weird... Like the mouse cursor suddenly disappeared, but if I moved the mouse around, the screen would 'act' like the mouse was pointing at things (I could click the START button once it 'lit' up even though I could not see the pointer)... I'm not sure if the uninstal failed because I tried to open Outlook while removing W.E... Or maybe because I installed W.E. before I installed the .Net 2.0 extensions, even though I was plainly told by the Microsoft web site to install .Net 2.0 first.. :-) Have you noticed I have a slight tendency NOT to bother with directions/instructions until AFTER the fact???

I seem to be racking up points in the 'clueless city boy' department lately.. Between the horse, the goats, and today's little adventure... See, on my way home from work, I got a call.. Could I go go to the John Deere place and pick up a part for my father-in-law? Of course I can! :-) I get there, and when I walk in, the owner (I think he is the owner) recognizes me (I've worked on his computer a couple times) and shouts to the guy behind the counter, "He's here for Junior's spear!" Spear? I, of course, say nothing... Soon, I am handed a long skinny piece of metal that is square, but tapers down to a point at one end.. A spear... The other end is threaded and has a nut on it... I put it in my truck and drive off thinking to myself, "Okay, I've seen the tractor, so where does the spear go?" the only thing I can figure is on the front where the hay bale lifter thingy is (yes, I believe that is the technical name for that part!). I pull up where Shan's Dad meets me and I get out of the truck, get the spear from the bed and hand it to him. He looks at it, looks at me, then looks at the spear again... He says something about not being sure if it is the right part. He says this in a tone that suggests I would know the definitive answer on the subject... Do I? No... I didn't even know what the spear was for to begin with, but made an (un?)educated guess... He says, "Well, we'll see if this works..." He gets in his truck and drives away..... I haven't heard yet whether it was the right part, and I'll just look at the tractor next time to see if I spot this new spear... No sense making it obvious just how clueless I can be if I don't have to, right?

Last week, I bought a $5 lottery ticket. I won $3 with it! At that rate, how long would it take to win $15 million? ........ Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking.... Of course, you know I am taking my three dollar win and buying more lottery tickets, right? I mean, look, I already spent the money to buy the tickets, so really, the three bucks is like getting a five dollar item for 2 bucks... :-) Along those lines, if somehow I ever manager to be on "Deal or No Deal," I'm not leaving with anything less that 200 grand... And if my case-picking strategy bombs such that the highest amount I could win is less than 200,000 bucks, then I would keep playing to the bitter end.. Why not? I'd have already lost all the big money anyway, right?? :-) I personally like "1 vs. 100" a little better because it has trivia.. And it is the kind of trivia that requires having banks of useless information bouncing around in one's head... DUH! That has ME written all over it!! :-) Ah, well, ya never know...

Seeing as how it is 12:30 in the morning, I guess I'll hit the trail.... Say good night, Gracie.....

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