Nov 4, 2006

Crashing a hard drive, passing at the speed limit...

Thursday at work, I had my laptop (a Toshiba Tablet PC) up and running. Shut it down for the day, took it home, opened it up to jot down a few thoughts on here, and BAM! The sickening sound of 'click-click-click' followed by some rather unsettling grinding sounds... I have heard many hard drives die in my computer career, but I do not recall ever hearing the awful grinding sound that came from my little buddy... I think the closest I ever came to that was the sound the CD-ROM made when Tyler was just a tot... He had some game - Pokemon, I believe - that he was playing... The CD drive was spinning pretty good, and suddenly WHOP! That was immediately followed by what can best be described as shattering glass... And the grinding... UGH... I dismantled the CD drive and literally shook the pieces out.... The Toshiba hard dive situation seemed very similar... Being the tech that I am, I attempted several tried and true hard drive 'restarting' techniques, but none of those worked... Fortunately, the system is under warranty, so they get to fix it... :-)

While heading to Wal-Mart Friday night, I got behind a very, VERY, V-E-R-Y slow driver... This driver was so slow in fact, that when a passing opportunity came, I took it, and I had to GO THE SPEED LIMIT just to pass this person! If that doesn't sound bad enough, how about this: the speed at which I **PASSED** the car??? How about 30 mph... Yes, you better re-read that... A whopping 30 miles per hour and I was passing this person as if the car had been sitting still - which, for all intents and purposes, it was sitting still! Shan said when I made the move to pass, she was bracing herself for the g-force-inducing thrust I usually create when passing... When it didn't come, she looked over at the speedometer, and did a double-take.... Look, I know I tend to drive faster than most people, but come on, if you can't even do the speed limit, get off the road! Hire a driver... SOMETHING...

Yahoo! fantasy sports has this thing where you pick the winners for college football games each week... Here's the rub.. If the team you pick wins the game, but misses the predetermined point spread, you get the choice marked incorrect... So, one week I pick 19 out of 20 correctly, but I only get 12 out of 20 because the teams didn't win by enough points... Stupid. Last week, I forgot all about picking teams. This week, I figured 'what was the point?' Why am I telling you, the reader, all of this? Because, I was scrolling through a message board last week, and came across a post that was berating bloggers who write stupid, mundane, menial things in their blog... Yeap, that's me... :-)

MTURKING.... Heard of it? Talk about menial... You earn money (real money, though the definition of 'real' may need to be defined here) doing dumb, menial tasks... Okay, well, some aren't dumb.. If you live in or around LA, California, you can take pictures of houses for people and get paid like $3.50 a site... Me?? I've earn about.. umm... Last check... $.14... Yes, 14 cents... What did I do for my 14 cents? Well, I answered several survey questions (name the top 3 pets to own, name the top 3 medical expenses for pets, name the 3 best pet names..), and I also looked through mortgage loan agreements and found information the company was looking for... I only got paid for the ones I did correctly... Yes.. They paid me to look over documents, and then obviously had someone else look at the same documents for verification... Okay, why pay me if you are already going to have someone else look over the same document? Interesting.. Anyway, they paid me a penny for each one... I did about 9 or 10 and decided that it wasn't worth a penny to do these... :-) Oh, I should mention, I've done about 30 tasks, I'm just waiting for 'approval' on the ones I haven't been paid for yet.... Wanna learn more? Earn more? See what stupid things makes Dave's head tick? Here ya go...

I'm pretty sure I had something else 'menial' I was going to say, but as often happens in my head, the thought blew out like colored leaves on a windy fall day.. :-)

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  1. I love your blog. You always say some of the funniest things. I love ya, Mom