Oct 28, 2014

#StudentGPS #ArkEd StudentGPS Dashboard Training for SysAdmins

Why I am attending:

Since I support area school technology coordinators, my boss suggested I sit in on this to see what they were being taught and to get a refresher on the StudentGPS Dashboards rolling out to schools across Arkansas. Also covers ASIS: Arkansas Student Intervention System.

What we learned:

Training Model
Security and User Access
Dashboard Support
Support Resources
ASIS Overview

Initially called "EdFi"
Developed by Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Uses ADE existing systems
Provides timely information for educators and student data-driven decision-making

6 Performance Categories

Fully customizable, stakeholder input on front end to refine what AR educators want

Data comes from eSchool, AELS, SIS, CCMS

Video played as an overview of the dashboards.

Train-the-Trainer Approach: Co-op > District > Building > Teacher

Trainer Roles and Responsibilities laid out for the attendees.

System is optional, but can prove to be helpful in fulfilling some of the requirements placed on educators.

ADE will handle login issues, handouts, etc.

Attendees presented with a variety of screenshot overviews of a student's dashboard sample with list of items presented.

Admins can upload student photos (in a zip, by building). Can replace photos as needed/desired.

Supports multiple system administrators for the StudentGPS system.

System is updated nightly from other student info (eSchool, etc)

- MOU from Supt
- Ed-Fi Manager Form
-Establish Administrator
-- Escalates tech support issues
-- Resolve data anomalies
-- Create StudentGPS email address to capture tech support
-- Place users in AD
- Offer training

Dashboard Security and User Access

FERPA-compliant login, based on where user is assigned and what role has been given to individual user(s). Local access designation determined by district/building admins.

Attendees shown various roles pertaining to the system (not enumerated in this post).

System admins have added abilities for system-wide features. District admins have abilities for district-wide features.

Attendees taken to an edfi demo site and walked through various aspects of system administration (again, not enumerated in this post).

Attendees shown support overview (District > ADE > DLP)
-- District verifies data between system and eSchool
-- District must set up a generic email for ticket submission

Two roles are System Admin and Data Steward. System Admin has access to everything. Data steward serves as a backup to that person (verification of data, mainly).

Discussion/slide regarding Identifying and resolving data anomalies. Examples (enrollment numbers, student incorrectly tagged (SPED), features not working, etc

Examples of errors/issues and what should/would be done in terms of troubleshooting and/or submitting a ticket.

Should work on all browsers and all platforms.

Q&A - Will the functions of HIVE and QuickLooks be replicated? Possibly, but no ETA as of this writing.

ASIS: Arkansas Student Intervention System (AIP, IRI, SARS)
- Free intervention system for AR schools.
- Populates to StudentGPS
- Print-to-PDF for signatures
- Can create templates
- Anywhere access
- Revision history

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