Oct 23, 2014

#jnuc #jamf 10/23 - Casper Focus in the Enterprise

Why I picked this:
Interested to see how Focus could be used in a non-educational environment. As it turned out, the district with whom I was traveling experienced a Focus problem as we waited for this session. The local JAMF folks on site had never seen the problem nor could solve it. Turns out the school tech coord was able to narrow the problem down to a class size greater than 20 devices will not release focus on the teacher app. Turns out 8.0.2 and 8.1 both crash the Focus App. The tech will have to submit a ticket to support.

What was covered:
(Note, my battery was nearing its end during this session. If it is incomplete, I may attempt to fill in the blanks at some point)

EventBoard App
- Conference Room Schedule display
-- Needed to be physically secured
-- Interactively secured (App Lock)

Crestron AV Automation app
- Works with existing crestron environment
- Physically secure
- limited mobility as an option
- interactively secured

ArmorAcive's iPad Enclosure

- Apple Configurator - enable supervision, enable profiles, etc.
-- Requires physical connection

- Casper Focus
-- Enable OTA focus
-- Only need iOS device

Created classrooms. Field service techs as 'teachers' in the classroom for working on the devices.
Push app through MDM so you can select the device/app

Apple Deployment Program
- pre-stage enrollment
-- with supervision
- create smart groups
-- wireless settings, apps installs, etc
- scope class to mobile device group

This is handy for posting the ipads outside conference rooms and push the conference information for the appropriate rooms so participants know which room/session they are walking into.

How do you designate info for each ipad? In AD, etc? User info in AD for each room.

Other use cases? Tom Larkin may have seen them.

Could Sites have been used? Perhaps, but easier to set it up with AD info.

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