Oct 22, 2014

#jnuc #jamf 10/22 - Small and Medium Rollouts (Bushel)

Preparing for the Bushel preso

Why I chose this session:

I originally chose this because it looked like something that might apply to me at the education service center. During the keynote, JAMF revealed a new program called "Bushel" that is targeted at small-to-medium businesses with an easier to use (read, fewer features and/or less access to advanced features). I am very interested to see how I might leverage this new program.

What I learned:

Enterprise Tools - lots of features; useful, help users, etc.
What about smaller business? Need a "playground" with someone else to monitor. Small biz generally does not have the monitor. Shadow IT? Maybe, but can lack time, budget.

What if MDM was simple? Centrally managed, didn't need IT assistance hands-on all the time Compliance?

Bushel is new product. For persons whose primary function is not IT but has hands in IT.

Bushel does NOT need:
- Jumpstart, training, VPP Codes, scripts, imaging, packages, user accounts...

Bushel - free for 3 devices forever. After that $2/device/month. Hosted system.

Steps to walk through Push Certificates. Download cert, handoff to bushel. Set up devices.

Various settings to push out (Security, Email, Apps (Managed VPP), invite users, Devices (Various enrollment scenarios)

Devices can show status, perform various actions (remove passcode, lock device, wipe, remove corporate data, unenroll device)

Live Chat support available at all times, globally

User gets device, walks through setup, device gets enrolled and configured.

Very simple, straight-forward

Currently INVITE-ONLY (at time of this writing).

How far does this scale? Not a technical issue, but logistical. This is for one group. So, not for entire district, but maybe for one grade. Essentially need a homogenous group. Not meant for different groups/kinds of users.

Will consultants be given a high-level view of multiple accounts? So far, no. May scale out a type of "admin panel."

If you already have Casper, is Bushel for me? Overall, this is not for Casper users. Will you be able to up/downgrade in the future? That is in the pipeline. Possible to see your bushel devices within Casper might be in the works.

Will not work with Casper Focus (this is not Casper).

Could have separate Bushel accounts for each "group" of users, if trying to leverage this in that manner. Not really the appropriate fit for Bushel, but could pilot the program before rolling out on larger scale. Another example would be carts - don't need Casper, necessarily, but still want management.

Is this cloud-only? Yes. Hosted in US right now. Plan to host in EU.

Single-App mode is a Casper feature, not appropriate for Bushel.

Other Q&A, mostly stemming from the highly-technical folks in the room. This is NOT for the tech folks running Casper, so was a challenge to release this product in front of this group.

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