Jul 1, 2014

How are feminists NOT outraged?

Image found online: http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/no-thanks-obamacare/
It's funny to me that all the hubbub about "Affordable" Healthcare and contraceptives never mentions the fact that ANY kind of protection/prevention for MEN is not covered. So, while many women are gung-ho about being able to choose what they want to do with their bodies, men are not given that same option. It seems to me that liberal women would be pretty ticked off about that. In essence, Obama is saying that it is solely the responsibility of the woman not to get pregnant. That seems rather anti-feminist, doesn't it? I mean, basically, the guy can do what he wants and if the woman ends up pregnant, Obama says, "Well, as a woman, you should have prevented it." If a man wants to prevent pregnancy (either by contraception or by vasectomy), that should be covered as well.

Note: I thought the image was funny. I have never visited the site from which the image comes other than to use the image. Any opinions expressed on that site are theirs only and I do not agree nor disagree with whatever it is they discuss. Likewise, they don't have a clue who I am in this world, and thus my opinions don't amount to a hill of beans in their eyes either. BTW, that is a REAL ad. Yeesh.

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