Mar 1, 2012

American Idol 2012: America picks top 10, judges add 3

American Idol Top 13 Picked!  Okay, if you don't like spoilers and you haven't seen the Idol vote yet, then you are going to need to STOP READING right here!  I am hoping to write enough filler here to make sure any intro text does not show up in the various feeds to which this blog gets posted. 

Who were your favorites from both days?  Anyone jump out in your likes list?  If you have watched the Top 13 show, who did *YOU* want in the there? Anyone that you wished had made it but didn't? 

Okay, here we go.  We'll have the Top 10, then three more added. Should be interesting...

Jeremy - NOT top 10
Phillip - TOP 10!! Wahoo!
Chase - NOT top 10

Hollie - TOP 10!!
Brielle - NOT top 10
Hallie - NOT top 10
Jessica - TOP 10!! I think Jessica could take the whole thing.

Adam - NOT top 10 - THAT is a shocker to me. Bummer.
Heejun - TOP 10!!
Joshua - TOP 10!!

Baylie - NOT top 10
Shannon - TOP 10!!
Skylar - TOP 10!!
Chelsea - NOT top 10

Aaron - NOT top 10
Creighton - NOT top 10
Reed - NOT top 10

Elise - TOP 10!!
Erika - NOT top 10
Haley - NOT top 10
Jen - NOT top 10

Deandre - NOT top 10
Eben - NOT top 10
Colton - TOP 10!!
Jermaine - TOP 10!! WAHOO!!

American Idol Top 10:

Now, three wildcard spots will be filled from one of these singers:
Jen, Jeremy, Brielle, Deandre, Erika, and Reed.

Judges picks: Erika, Jeremy, Deandre... Wow, really? Oh well. Shan likes Jeremy. I think Erika was a good choice.  Deandre needs to be gone.

So, who I think has the power to make it all the way?  I'd like to see Phillip and Jessica be the final two.

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