Mar 14, 2012

American Idol Top 12, er 11...

American Idol kicks off with some goofy "Law Enforcement" lead-in.  My guess is some kind of proposal or something. Guess we'll see.  In the meantime, here is the rundown of our likes and dislikes of tonight's American Idol.


Phillip - Definitely! I could listen to him all the time! We all agree here at the Henderson household. Emily says, "I don't say YES, I say AWESOME!"

Jessica - Great start. Super performance. Oh, awesome! That was incredible. Great!

Heejun - One of my all-time favorite songs. I was a huge Richard Marx fan. I like his changes to the song. Very well done!

Elise - Slow start, and the whole Obama thing was kinda dumb for me. Not liking this arrangement at all.  Meh.

Deandre - Um, he is singing a duet by himself? No thanks. I do not like this at all.  In fact, no one at our house does.

Shannon - Very nice - crisp, clean voice at start. Wow. I like this a lot, which surprises me, really. But, I think she did well. Tyler says, "I say YES. Her Dad WAS a Major League pitcher. That's my reason."

Colton - Not a fan. And, he looks more like an 80's band than 90's. No. Shan thought he did a good job.

Erika - Weird way to start "Heaven." Okay, check that. Weird phrasing. Not a fan of the stop-start in the middle of a phrase. She sounds like she is singing with her tongue on the top of her mouth to me.

Jermaine - Oh my. Outstanding warrants. Man, that is a bummer. I hope he gets everything taken care of and can make a wonderful singing career in his future. So much for the "proposal" theory.

Skylar - I'm liking this! Nice take on the song. Love the country rock.

Joshua - I am liking his sound more and more.  Wonderful old school R&B in his voice, his moves, everything. Wow!

Hollie - Weak start, but she came into pretty quickly. Not quite "Celine" level, but well done all the same. Nicely done.

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