Feb 29, 2012

American Idol 2012 - Top 12 Girls

American Idol 2012 Top 12 Girls!

How does this work?  Well, each of us (Tyler doesn't play) picks whether or not we like the singer.  After the run down, I have some comments - sometimes humorous, sometimes droll, sometimes harsh.

Y = Yes, we like them and may or may not like the song choice.
N = No, we either didn't like them or the song or neither one.
? = Not sure how we feel.

American Idol Girls


Chelsea - Cowboy Casanova - Ouch. Not good on the that first run. Not bad. Not sure how I feel about her. Guess we'll see. She needs to work on her breathing and phrasing.

Erika - What about love - She sounds like she is trying to sing like Heart. I hope she shows more of herself. Then again, maybe this is her regular voice.

Jen - One and Only - Not bad. Not great. So, what's that? Average. Yeah, let's go with that.

Brielle - Sittin on the Dock of Bay - Ouch, rough start. Let's see if it picks up. Whoa, what was that deep thing there? No. Shan heard about three notes and said, "NO!" Wow, this is flat or off or something. No, no, no. This is where we need a Simon to keep things real.

Hallie - Feeling Good - Sigh. What's up with picking these old songs? Oh, I know, this is a cover of a cover of an old song. Well, at least she did well.

Skylar - Stay With Me - Shan said, "She has a Miranda Lambert sounding voice." Yes, she does. She also has several stumbling blocks while walking around. I dunno about her.

Baylie - Amazed - Rough spots for sure. Ouch. She looks better than she sings.

Hollie - Reflection - Rough here, too. The chorus is better than the verses. Lows were kinda rough.

Haley - Sweet Dreams - Started out okay, then went a bit weird there. Too much background chorus. Drowned her out. Maybe that was the point. Not a great interpretation of the song. Not a fan there, man.

Shannon - Go Light your world - I like this. She's doing well. Very well done! Oh, man. She did great!

Jessica - I Love you I do - Okay, two notes in, and my jaw dropped. I'm sorry, how YOUNG is this girl!? Whoa, she has some pipes. She has a sore throat and I think she did better than half the girls here. Wow!

Elise - One and Only - Wow. Same song as Jen. She has some kinda weird annunciations. I can't decide about her.

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