Feb 29, 2012

American Idol 2012 - Top 13 Guys

Oh, YEAH! It is that time again!  We've got the Hendersons' picks for American Idol TOP 12, er 13, GUYS. We got a late start because of everything going on Tuesdays. The GIRLS wil be posted next!

How does this work?  Well, each of us (Tyler doesn't play) picks whether or not we like the singer.  After the run down, I have some comments - sometimes humorous, sometimes droll, sometimes harsh.

Y = Yes, we like them and may or may not like the song choice.
N = No, we either didn't like them or the song or neither one.
? = Not sure how we feel.

American Idol Boys

Reed G--------Y------Y------Y------
Adam B--------Y------Y------Y------

Reed - Moves Like Jagger - Well, there are moves. He is a wild one. I'm sure he's safe.

Adam - Think - Definitely has soul. Great sound. Pretty solid.

DeAndre - Reason something or other - uh. no. Not a fan of the whole falsetto thing. It worked for Prince. He is no Prince.

Colton - Decode - Oh crap. Is he the Adam Lambert of this season? ugh.

Jeremy - Gravity - Meh. Nothing special here for me. Not a fan all the whispering. Come man, SING. blah.

Aaron - Never can say goodbye - Welp, very weak start. And, this is why you don't sing a group song as a solo. Not the worst Jackson cover I've heard, but far from the best.

Chase - Storm Warning - Not "Likens" this dude.

Creighton - True Colors - What? I would *NOT* listen to this on the radio.  Okay, let's vote this dude outta here. Wait, will he be this year's Vote for Worst? Hmm...

Phillip - In the air tonight - Man, now THIS is great stuff! I love his take on this classic! Wow! Awesome!

Eben - Set fire to the rain - LOL, Terry at work told me there was a kid who was trying to look like Bieber. This would be that kid. This is awful. Man, rough and ugly here... Is that flat? Sharp? I dunno. How about "way off."

HeeJun - Well, his Mom sure knows how to have fun! Hahaha! Great! - Angels - Wow. Surprisingly good start. Seriously. This is way better than I expected.

Joshua - You pulled me through - Very well done. Enjoyed it a lot.

Jermaine - Oh, wow!! I am SO glad they brought him back! He is awesome! Now, let's see how he does here tonight. Dance with my father - Busting out the Luther!  Oh yeah. He blows away more than half the other guys that sang tonight. This was a PERFECT choice.

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