Feb 5, 2012

Apple Updates iBooks Author EULA

Mashable reports the changes in Apple's iBooks Author EULA (see link below), which essentially has Apple clarifying what they "meant" to say.  In a nutshell, if you use iBooks Author, you own the content. Well, that's nothing new.  What is new?

Well, you can distribute your work, so long as it does not include the files contained in the iBooks compilation file.  For those new to iBooks, files ending with the iBook extension, you can simply change ".iBooks" to ".zip" and have access to everything inside the iBook itself - PDF, images, text, etc.

And here is the rub: Apple says, "provided, however, that this restriction will not apply to the content of the work when distributed in a form that does not include files in the .ibooks format generated using iBooks Author."  The key words: "...does not include the files in the .ibooks format..."

So, the files included... Images, actual text files, included PDFs, videos, etc.  If you include those in your iBooks creation, you cannot distribute those outside of the iBookstore, according to my interpretation of the new EULA.

Remember, this is about DISTRIBUTION.  If you don't like it, don't use iBook Author.  It really is that simple...  My take is this: if I only want to sell my books on iTunes, then what difference does it make?  If I want to sell my books in other venues, then I won't make the iBook format using iBook Author.

Yes. It is that easy to understand.

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