Jun 24, 2011

Heh-heh, What a mess!

Since we got back from vacation right before Father's Day, my kids did not have time to get anything for me.  I actually wasn't expecting anything because we had a GREAT time on vacation and that alone was a wonderful Father's Day experience.  But, on Father's Day, they surprised me with a "coupon" good for one copy of Duke Nukem Forever! Wahoo!!  Well, today, after I got home from working on my day off, their gift was waiting for me!

I read a review in PCGamer and I am a little worried about the content. I know the game says "M" on the case, but I have a feeling it may be a bit more "Mature" than the original Duke 3d and the side-scrollers before it.  I'll install it after everyone goes to bed and see how it goes.  One of the things I liked about Duke 3d was the way they handled the maturity levels.  Things were in bad taste (after all, it *IS* Duke Nukem), but at least it wasn't "no-holds barred."  My understanding is that is much more "in your face" than previous incarnations.  I'll give a review later.

In the meantime, Duke is calling out, "Come Get Some!"

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