Mar 12, 2011

Catching up on Idol

Well, we are late in getting caught up with Idol. And it will be that way for this whole season just because of the way things go. But, for those that like to follow along with our thoughts, here ya go:

Lauren - I thought she did okay, but nothing special.

Casey - This guy is amazing. "I get by with a little help with my friends" was absolutely incredible. Great job!

Ashton - Diana Ross - Not all that impressed in general.  It was about as good as Lauren's.  She did hit a nice mid-high note there near the end.  Very nice high note at the end.  But, meh.

Paul - Hmm, never heard of Ryan Adams.  Paul has a "David Crowder" kind of voice which I like.  Not sure about the song choice. 

Pia - Celine Dion - "All by myself" - She has a nice, smooth voice.  Very nice control.  By far the best female of the night so far.

James - Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed" - I have mixed feelings about James and his style.  At least this time he wasn't flat-out screaming like he has been.  He did a good job, but not as well as the other guys.  He has certainly come a long way from the bullied little kid he once was.

Haley - LeAnn Rimes - "Blue" - This could be ugly if it goes badly.  If she kicks it out, it will set her apart from everyone else. Ouch. A little sour on the opening yodel.  Maybe she means to go flat like that, but it is hard to listen to.  She is doing well, but the falsetto/yodel thing just isn't working for me.

Jacob - By far, he is one of Shan's favorites this season.  She loves her some Jacob.  R.Kelly... "I believe I can fly" - Wow.  Talk about making a song your own!  This is phenomenal!  Oh man, he just knocked it out of the park. 

Thia - Michael Jackson! Wahoo!! I knew SOMEONE would do Michael!  "Smile" - Not sure out of all the Michael songs this is the one she should have picked, but we'll see how it goes.  It is hard to believe she is so young!  I like the beat added to it in the 2nd verse.  She has a great voice, but like Shan said to me, "she just doesn't have a stage presence. She is so young."  She will have to work on that.

Stefano - Stevie Wonder - "Lately" - He reminds me of a young Matt LeBlanc. I don't know if that's good or bad. Just saying it.  He could go home and I wouldn't miss him.  Not that impressed with his performance tonight.

Karen - Selena - It's okay.  Shan said, "She could be a good Spanish singer." I agree.  I think she should have sung this in Spanish and she would have knocked it out of the park.  Instead, this was more middle-of-the-pack.

Scotty - Garth Brooks - "The River" - Man, I hope he knocks this out!  Very well done.  He made the song his own without making it karaoke. What an amazing low voice he has!  One of my favorites this season for sure.

Naima - Rhianna - "Umbrella" - Shan likes it.  I'm not sure.  It's weird, but her voice has a strange quality to me.  Some kind of strange tone or phrasing or something at the end of her words.  Now, the performance was VERY well done!  She is stage-ready for sure.

Okay, so now we are moving on to the elimination show.  Who do we think will go?

Dave - I think Stefano will go.
Shan - Either Ashton, Stefano, or Karen will be eliminated.

Shan's top picks - Pia, Lauren, Scotty, Jacob. She also likes Casey.
Dave's top picks - Pia, Scotty, Paul, Casey.

Oh, man, Michael songs!  Some of the singers are doing well. Others... well, no.  I would buy an album of Pia singing Michael Jackson songs.  Pia is simply amazing! 

Jacob - Safe
Karen - Bottom 3
Stefano - Safe (Bummer)
Lauren - Safe
Ashton - Bottom 3
Haley - Bottom 3

Wow, what a bizarre way to reveal who was safe or not.  Okay. Weird.

And, the (possibly) Eliminated Idol Singer is....


Will the judges save her?  I don't think so.  I just don't think they will use it this early.  On top of that, she did not do well with her song.

NO SAVE - ASHTON gets booted off.

Now, the David Cook version of "Don't You Forget About Me" playing in the video send-off is AWESOME!

Stay tuned next week after the show is over to see what we have to say. Oh sure, you'll already know the results, but reading along with our thoughts makes it even more enjoyable!

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