Mar 16, 2011

American Idol Top 12

Welcome to the annual Top 12 Henderson Vote! Here is where we pick our favorites and vote off those that need to go home.

Y = Yes, we liked it, N = No, go home!, ? = Not sure


Naima - 1984 - What's Love Got To Do With It - Not a big fan of this one. UGH her voice grates on my nerves.

Paul - 1984 - I guess that's why they call it the blues - What a great song choice! His throat issue could cost him though. Great job despite his "handicap."

Thia - 1995 - Colors of the wind - Shan said, "She has a great voice, but needs work on her stage presence." I have to agree.

James - 1989 - I'll be there for you - Yeah! Unlike the person he is often compared to from last season, James can rock it out and sound good without screaming every line. Awesome! Emily says he still screams too much. LOL, not her style.

Haley - 1990 - I'm your baby tonight - Her voice is all over the place. Whoa, this is weird. Emily likes her. The end was bizarre. That did not go with that song.

Stefano - 1989 - If you don't know me by now - He's not doing a bad job here. He has updated the song, not sure it's a version I'd like to hear more than once. He will make it through this round though for sure.

Pia - 1988 - Where do broken hearts go? - I like this version! Cool uptempo take on an 80's classic. She is awesome! Emily gave her clothes a big "NO!" (lol)

Scotty - 1993 - Can I trust you with my heart - He almost has a "Garth Voice" going on there. I sure do like his singing though. Emily thinks he could win the whole show. It was nice to hear him come out of that deep range for a change, too.

Karen - 1989 - Love will lead you back - This is one of my favorite 80's songs. She's doing a good job, but my bias is toward a more soulful rendition. Ooo, nice switch into Spanish there! I liked that.

Casey - 1991 - Smells like teen spirit - Ummm.. No. This is horrendous. This is very bad karaoke to the point that Simon would have said, "Was this a joke?"

Lauren - 1994 - I'm the only one - I think she started off a bit off, but picked it up and turned this into something almost country. She had some rough moments, but okay overall.

Jacob - 1987 - Alone - Interesting. He's doing a great job, but Im not sure I like it. Either way, he is safe for sure and I'm giving him a yes even though I don't quite "get it."

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