Mar 25, 2011

American Idol Top 11

We were on Spring Break for this week's Idol, so we are watching it after-the-fact. Tonight's post will cover both nights. Here we go:


Casey - Grapevine - He seems like he is trying to force the words out of himself. I do like the soulful sound he has, though. LOL, a little weird "Guns and Roses" moment there.

Thia - Heat Wave - How does that voice come out of such a small, young person!? Wow! She's actually moving around, too!

Jacob - You're all I need to get by - Man, he is very good. He has the showmanship, the voice, everything. I don't think he will win it all, but he should do quite well in the same way Mandisa has done well for herself after Idol. Wow, got Steven Tyler to grab him up on stage!

Lauren - Keeping me hanging on - Awesome! Great slow start and then kicked it up. She has a "Miranda Lambert" kind of sound. That's not bad at all.

Stefano - Hello - Uh, no. I am so not a fan of this guy. Frankly, I don't understand how he has made it this far. It's like he has some inside joke to remaining on here. This is awful.

Haley - You really got a hold on me - Well, um, no. She is trying way too hard with the growling. She is singing as if she is trying to "be Mowtown." And, she is not that. I would be voting her off.

Scotty - For once in my life - Nice country rendition at the beginning. That low range is certainly his strong point. When he moves up in range, though, he loses something. He also has a weird "falsetto/yodel" thing that he puts in the middle of his phrasing and it is not quite Garth Brooks. LOL, and he ends on the smirk.

Pia - All in love is fair - She has a great voice for sure. I wish she would have done some kind of moving around, though. I mean, this was just ... vanilla.

Paul - Tracks of my tears - I am a huge fan of Paul. This song started out a bit "Paul Simon" to me instead of Paul McDonald, but he sure is unique. Talk about making a song one's own. This was great!

Naima - Dancing in the streets - I like the "broken-down" version she is doing here. Hmm, she has a few flat notes or something off through the song. Whoa! Love the breakdown dance in the middle! Talk about your showmanship! That's a song ready for prime time concert.

James - Living for the city - Oh yeah! Some funky vibes and a little dancing going on there. I think he'll have a decent fan following after the show. This makes you wanna bob your hear along to it. Nice job.

Okay, we know what happens in the voting. I have to say that I am VERY glad they decided to use the SAVE for Casey because he deserves it!

Thanks for playing along. See you next time!

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