Jan 10, 2011

2011 Not-Quite-Daily Photo (007/365)

Okay, so the whole "daily photo" thing really isn't working out for me again this year.  Instead, I'm posting a pic as often as I can (or as often as I remember, whichever comes first).

We ended up with 8+ inches around our house on Sunday.  We spent Monday hanging out and playing in the snow.  We made a small snow man and stuck my "Michael" hat on it!  The kids did not have school (and I did not have work, since our office was closed as well) on Monday.  The kids are also out on Tuesday, and given the mess that surrounds our area, I am also out. 

I think the real concern is the "re-freeze" that will take place tonight after the temperatures fall below freezing again.  If you're out there in this bad weather, please be careful out there!

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