Jan 9, 2011

2011 Daily Photo (005/365)

This photo was taken in "the Bronx of Boughton," as one of our friends calls it.  One my way home from a meeting in Little Rock, I decided to take the "back way" to the house.  Part of the road is paved up to this church (from the highway).  Once you cross the railroad tracks just beyond the church, it's nothing but skinny country dirt roads the rest of the way to the house.

I like taking the back way every once in a while because I usually don't meet any other vehicles (though I do meet up with a tractor or two sometimes), and there is just something fun about cruising down a country road with the dust pouring out from under your back tires in the rear view. 

You'd never guess I was born and raised in "da 'Burgh," would you? (oh, for those that don't know, da Burgh is Pittsburgh.  Yes, as in PA)

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