Jan 21, 2015

#fetc pre-keynote - apps, sites, WOWs!

FETC Pre-Keynote Techshare Live!

Why I chose this:
Several panel members are going to share a fast and furious look at some upcoming tech concepts, ideas, etc. Looks fun! Looking forward to see what Kathy Schrock, Leslie Fisher, Hall Davidson has to share!

What I learned:
Started off with a FETC-inspired parody of Shake it Out. Very cute.

Basically, this is a panel-based commercial for a variety of products. Not quite what I was expecting. Ah well... Here is what they covered:

Kano.me - $150 - kit computer

CircutScribe - Pen writes with conductive ink, buzzers, sensors, leds, etc

Hashkey - usb hastag $25

GoKey - Charge phone, find phone, use as remote

Tile - find stuff, track stuff

SingleCube - motion control, talk to TV, control stuff

Coolest - loaded cooler

Wikigalaxy - free - wikipedia in visual representation

Kathy Schrock (some of these are fake/funny):

SelfieBrush - $15

Bluesmart suitcase

MyCase Couture 

Mia Case - makeup case for iphone

In1 multi-tool utility case - pens, screwdriver, tweezers, etc

Chil Slap Stylus - slap bracelet stylus

Ringly - ring you wear that notifies you based on setting in app.

Sensoria Fitness Socks - $179 socks

Schwinn Cycle Nav - gps for your bike

Internet of Things "commercial" for things to come, from Cisco.

FlightBoard - $3.99

iOS7/8 and Yosemite - Quicktime, New Recording, record screen

Coffitivity - plays coffeeshop sounds in background

Hall Davidson:

Ubooly - Some students may respond better to a plush toy than human...?

AnkiDrive - Racing game, program cars to race

HP Pavillion Mini Stream - $179 Win8 machine

London Museum - augmented reality overlays reality. Do this in a classroom - previous class, places around town, etc.

Taylor Swift Experience - 3d augmented music video, ignoring the POV of the video

NewsELA.com - change reading level of content on the fly

Spritzlet.com - Speed reading app

Gutenberg project

VR - VR welding and other tools. 

Oculus Rift

Binaural Sound - earbuds for about $10

Pentatonic Scale - 

Leslie Fisher:

Kahoot - As seen before, students can take part in quiz live via phone, web, etc. 
We played a game based on FETC trivia. I finished in 700th place. Not bad for my first FETC.

Plickers.com - Create questions, classes; assign questions to classes; assign students. Scan codes printed on paper/stock from distance to record answers.

Lumenplay.com - Control sets of lights with app. Add effects, etc. 

Bunch-o-Balloons - fills a bunch of water balloons and ties them automatically.

Plastc card - use fingerprint to change/select card for paying. Can use for hotel room, loyalty cards, etc

WOW Round:

UNI - motionsavvy - user signs with table, translate sign into speech. Captures voice and converts to text.

Composite filaments for 3d printer - limestone, bronze, maple, iron, etc


Magic Leap - Google invested. Augmented items into the real world.

3d printed body parts of patient in order to help operate, see a way to conduct operation.

Colar - turns coloring pages into 3d augmented shapes

Guinness Book of World Records - certain pages in the book can be augmented.

Elements 4d - Point app at cubes with elements on them, augments reality with element in box. Combine blocks to make substances! Hydrogen+Oxygen=water in the blocks with formula!

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