Jan 22, 2015

#fetc - Gamifying the Florida Standards the Minecraft Way!

#fetc - Gamifying the Florida Standards the Minecraft Way!

Presenter: Jennifer Rothman-Tait

Why I chose this:
As mentioned, I want to see how schools are using gaming. Specifically here, though, very interested in Minecraft in classroom tied to educational standards.

What we covered:
Gaming vs Gamification - Using rewards, etc for non-gaming events (Starbucks, groundings, etc)

Combined gaming (playing games) with gamification (rewards) in Minecraft Club.

Classbadges.com - create your own badges and set the goals. Earn time in LAN time to create LAN game to fight, etc.

Edmongo, Oregon Trail, Mission US, Quandry, and others that are used. GamesforChange.org is resource to get games. Internet Archive opened classic games online.

Camps in summer for 24-36 hours for each group.

The journey:
- School system went through a series of games, VR, etc, before using Minecraft.
- Based on Fla standards.
- Where do we want students to arrive?
- Do not run everything the kids do.
- Every game starts with backstory. Create backstory for kids to buy into the learning.
- Uses Weebly as the platform to build structure.
- Have to be okay with organized chaos
- Research, collaboration, frustration, loudness, discussion, earn badges, succeed and fail
- fail and change strategy - kids do it in games all the time
- MinecraftEDU
- Move students beyond the build

Immersive environments: PowerUp, EcoMuve, WolfQuest - Students get into environment and interact. Students interact with NPCs to gain clues, etc.

Machinema - Plan it out, write the story, recording/editing.

VR sandbox: OpenSim, Activeworlds, secondlife, inworldz

Started using SecondLife as PD platform - collaborate, storyboard, roles/responsibilities, building

Use virtual world serve as catalyst for change in the real world.

QuestAtlantis (remix) - VR world ties into curriculum easily, secure environment. Power of backstory is essential.

(This session is not focusing on Minecraft at all. They may cover some Minecraft, but running out of time).

Admongo.gov - consumerism, capitalism, writing samples, etc.

Minecraft - Set up a camp based on Minecraft. Determine skills, age level.

Boston Tea Party, Revolutionary War, other topics. Oregon Trail in Minecraft. Students researched and built various landmarks/buildings, Native American villages. Student built village for trade also made hostile village as game-within-game. Built South Pass out of wool because he could dye the wool.

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