Jan 21, 2015

#FETC Photowalk - Thoughts

1/21/2015 9:49:53
FETC Photowalk
FETC Organizer/Best Buy
David,  Zac and Lindsey

Photo walk around the Convention Center area.

One hour or less

If used in a workshop, I think someone should point out significant places and/or offer some tips about taking pics.

Why I chose this:
I thought we were going to be told about various stops along the way of the walk, get tips for taking pictures, etc.

What I learned:
This session was a nearly 2-mile walking session. I was under the impression that we would have tour guides to explain things and/or help with photo ops. Not the case at all. We simply walked and took random pics as we felt the desire. At the end, we turned around and walked all the way back.

At least I got in a few thousand steps.

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