Aug 5, 2013

Work Life: I want my MTV

This morning, the DL Coordinator and I drove in separate cars to a local district in order to get their compressed video equipment relocated to another room. I took my own car because I was doing some training after the move was done.

While the DL Coordinator hooked up equipment, I worked with the local tech to reroute the fiber path to the new location. Luckily, there was an used fiber connection in the building. That left us to map out wiring from the room to the drops in the closet to the tech closet across the hall. Again, as luck would have it, the guy who ran the wiring in the new room pulled two runs back to the tech closet. Whew! No running wires for us! After a false start or two, we had the video unit connected to the correct network. FYI, in Arkansas, the video network is a separate, dedicated LAN connection. Some sites set up VLANS to handle things, but most sites just use physical separation since it is generally easy to do.

We ran into a weird issue where the Polycom unit had reset the admin password AND had cleared out the Gatekeeper information. All other info had been retained, though. Can't say I've seen a "partial reset" in a video unit before. There is a first time for everything, as they say.

Once we had the unit up and going, we ran a couple test calls and called it good.

I stayed for a 3-hour training on a new online forms program the school is subscribing to through us. There was a lot of very good discussion and they got an overview of what the system does. After the training, I came back to the office where I have been performing other duties: answering emails, troubleshooting, etc. I'll do that until 5:00pm.

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