Mar 4, 2013

Subway and the Wasp

I decided to head to the local Subway for lunch. After I placed my order, I drove around to the window where the woman met me instantly.  She said, "Please don't kill me! We are out of Cheetos." I'm sure the look on my face gave her quite a start, because I nearly burst out laughing. "Kill you? It's just chips," I said. "You don't know. You just. don't. know."  I asked for plain chips and got my food.

As I drove forward toward the main road, I felt something hit me in the head! As I rubbed the spot, I noticed a wasp had landed on my power window coontrol, looking as stunned about the whole thing as I felt.  It gathered its wits, turned around to face me, then lifted off.  As a mild panic set in, I watched it zoom up and out of the open window through which it had come.

Thanking God for the small things today!

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