Mar 21, 2013

Always keep 'em guessing

We recently took a trip to the Dallas area. Specifically, we braved the wackadoodle I-635 construction zone that is the Dallas metro area called Addison.

As we left one morning toward Grapevine Mills, I headed up the onramp. An orange sign ahead of me and on the LEFT read, "Construction Entrance." The ramp split. I followed the white pickup in front of me. It turns out he worked on the construction crew.  A few hundred feet in front of me, big orange and white bars blocked the road. Large signs with "ROAD CLOSED" hung from the warning bars.  

I had taken the wrong path.

I turned the car around, which now meant I was facing INTO the oncoming traffic while trying to get out of the construction zone. Fortunately, the traffic lights changed and no one was heading up the ramp as I turned my car around again to face the ramp leading to I-635.  After I got the car pointed in the right direction, I noticed an orange sign beside the "Construction Entrance" sign that read "Construction Exit." 

Could they not have simply put up an orange sign with a left-pointing arrow that reads, "<- div="" i-635="" instead="" nbsp="">

My family, of course, will never let me live this down.  I take it all in stride, however. After all, what's the point of a family trip without creating stories to be told, re-told, embellished, and passed down?

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