Aug 20, 2011

Even in dreams, @taylorswift13 is a great person

I had a dream my 9yr old got to meet Taylor Swift before a concert. We were in the parking lot sitting in the car.  Emily had got out to take pictures of the arena or something.  Taylor was walking the lot, shaking hands, talking, giving autographs, hugging fans, etc.  She was wearing some kind of plain t-shirt dress thing - nothing fancy or anything, just 'hang-out' clothes. I watched as she came up behind Emily and stood without saying a word, to surprise her. When Em turned around, she was awestruck and couldn't speak.  When Taylor reached out to hug her, Emily started crying and pulled away to get back to the car.

"Emily, that is Taylor Swift, honey! You're one of her biggest fans," I said, trying to calm her down.  Taylor knelt down beside the car and talked to Emily as if they had been friends for years.  She asked what Emily's favorite song was, what other kinds of music did she like, where did we live, and on for what seemed like 30 minutes in the dream.  Once Em was calmed down, Taylor went on to meet and greet other fans.

As often happens in dreams, time suddenly fades forward.  Now, it is just moments before they start letting fans into the arena.  Taylor comes into the parking lot, heads straight for our car, and calls out to Emily.

"Hey, girl, do you see this dress?" She was wearing a big, red flowing dress.  She twirled around once and it flitted and furled around her ankles.  She was genuinely excited, a big smile on her face that was both a happy grin and a look of disbelief - the same we often get when we wake up on Christmas morning to find we actually got the "ONE THING" we really, really wanted. 

"It's the one from the video! Can you believe it!?" Taylor said, twirling around again. Evidently, she had not been expecting to wear it or something.  Emily jumped out of the car, eyes as wide as half dollars and wearing a smile that stretched the width of her face. 

"I love it!" She yelled as she ran to Taylor and they hugged.  Suddenly, Taylor pulled a guitar out (from who knows where, it was a dream after all), signed it and handed it to Emily.  They hugged again and Taylor ran off to get ready for the show.  As Emily turned back to show me the guitar, I woke up.

I don't normally put my dreams on here, mainly because they tend to very, very wild or weird (which actually might be a reason *to* put them on here).  But, I thought this one was worth sharing.  It's not often that my dreams focus on my little girl.  And in this case, it even starred one of her heroes, who turned out be just as amazing in dreams as she is in real life (from what I've seen, haven't met her yet in person).

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