May 5, 2010

Top Five Idols

This is Top Five and we'll see who gets voted off. SPOILER ALERT!


Sinatra and Connick Jr. Ladies and Gents, it's crooner night. Oh, bother.

Aaron - Okay, I guess. Still slow and old-fashioned.

Casey - Blah. Again, not updated. Old, slow, bo-ring.

Crystal - Shan says she's bored but likes Crystal's voice. I agree that the voice is good.

Michael - Okay, now this is what I'm talking about. Get in there, give it life and soul and git er done. Awesome.

Lee - As much as I don't want to like him, I actually do. I think he did well. He changed it up and made it his own.

Okay, so let's see who gets voted off...

Like Shan said, Aaron should probably go home, but we think it will be Casey. Let's see.

Lee - Safe. We figured that, since he actually did well on Tuesday.
Crystal - SAFE
Michael - Bottom Two
Aaron - Bottom Two
Casey - SAFE

Bummer. Poor Mike has had to work his butt off through this whole thing. Let's see who goes home...

And going home is......... Aaron. Wow, Shan called that one.

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