May 5, 2021

Windows 10 Prints Only One Copy

tldr; Change the Print Driver to "Windows Software Printer Driver"

 I had a user with an issue where their Windows 10 computer would only print ONE copy of a document regardless of how many copies they specified. 

I researched the problem and found that for anyone using HP, there is usually an option under Device Settings to disable Mopier. That's great of you are using an HP. But, this person was using a Lexmark MFP network device. So, no Mopier setting.

The computer did NOT have the Lexmark Universal Driver installed. Frankly, that probably would have solved the problem. Instead, the system had found the printer and installed the driver using the Microsoft Windows IPP Class Driver:

The ultimate solution was to change from the Windows IPP Class to the Microsoft Software Printer Driver:

This allowed the user to print all the copies desired.


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