Aug 4, 2014

Work Life: Mysterious Floating Sound Mixer Volume Control

At the office, I noticed that when I clicked on the Volume Control, the slider was floating in the middle of my left screen! I have dual monitors and that may or may not be part of the culprit. In any case, I was able to solve the problem and thought I would share my problem and solution.

First, the problem:

When I click on the volume control, it jumps to the middle of my left-most monitor:

Now, in my case, it was something to do with an ATI Catalyst update. So, if you are running ATI, you may see this issue. If you are NOT running, ATI, there is another possible solution at the bottom of this post. 

Open the Catalyst Control Center, and expand "HydraVision." After that, click on "Desktop manager:"

At the bottom of that dialog on the right, UNCHECK the box labeled "Enable Dialog Repositioning:"

After that, click APPLY and you should be good to go:

If you are not running ATI Catalyst, you might be able to fix it by doing this:

  1. Right-Click the Taskbar 
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click "Customize..." in the Notification area section
  4. UNCHECK "Always show all icons..." at bottom.
  5. Click OK

See if that fixes the problem. If it STILL doesn't fix it, try repeating the steps above, but this time CHECK the box for "Always show..."

Hope this helps!

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