Aug 16, 2014

Response/Thoughts: 11 Smells That Are Slowly Disappearing

This is the comment I left in response to an article I read (linked below):

#1 - SPIRIT DUPLICATORS: Miss those days! I was in AV specifically so I could run the ditto maker. Probably what's wrong with me today!
#2 - BURNING LEAVES: You don't live in the South. Leaf-burning is alive and well down here.
#3 - DIESEL EXHAUST: Again, come to the south. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but since "transplanting" to the south, have rediscovered that smell by way of massive farm equipment.
#4 - FRESHLY-OPENED POLAROID FILM:  loved that smell as a kid. Man, I miss Polaroid.
#5 -MAGIC MARKERS: Um, now they specifically make markers WITH smells, and "old marker" is one of them! Haha!
#6 - BUBBLE GUM CARDS: As a card collector, this is one I miss greatly. I loved getting gum the packs, breaking the gum into bits and sticking them into an apple - instant candy apple!
#7 - CAP GUNS: You can still find cap guns, but they are certainly fading as the world has gone insane by banning such toys. We truly live in a paranoid, foolish world these days.
#8 - (OLD) NEW CAR SMELL: Today, new cars smell more like formaldehyde than anything. Yuck.
#9 - VACUUM TUBE ELECTRONICS: I love the smell of old electronics. Again, being in AV as a kid helped me take in the smells available of the day!
#10 - TELEPHONE BOOK:  love the smell of old books and newspapers. Even if "smello-tablet" comes to be, it won't be the same as the actual thing.
#11 - CHALK DUST: You would be surprised how many classrooms still have chalkboards. I know I was, given how many classes are all large-format monitors or interactive white boards... Chalkboards will still be around due to budgets.

Neat write-up! 

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