Sep 3, 2012

Fun with homonym triplicates

This all started with Brian Regan's "Reservation reservation reservation" bit.  From there, I decided to jot a few down off the top of my head:

If three apples were tied together and could produce sound only after being eaten, the string would be called a cored chord cord.

If the King of the land decreed that horse tack should be launched at his subjects during the entire term of his rule, it would be the Rein Rain Reign.

If a teenager was really bad at applying acne medicine, you could say he was a poor pore pour.

And, of course, if you addressed several envelopes to multiple twins, they'd be To Two, Too.

If a rich man could buy his dream vacation at the store, it would be found in the "I'll Isle" Aisle.

Yeah, I'm on roll here folks: Naturally, a group of guys headed for a game of golf: Four For Fore!
Gift shop located next to the airport: Buy By Bye. Of course, they only sell NSync CDs...

When the prince has flatulence and it escapes during a dinner party?  That's an Heir Air Ere...

If Orville and Wilbur always took notes on their success and never their failures, it would be a Right Wright write rite... or even a Wright right write rite.... Heck, even a Write right Wright rite.  Or if you asked them about it: Wright write rite, right?

If a beaver chomped down on a live data connection near the bend in the road, it would be a bight byte bite!

A particular method to measure the weight of Miss Tuffett's preferred treat is the Whey Weigh Way.

--Okay, I'm done... for now. :-)

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