Apr 21, 2012

Birthday Goodies!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  The family came over for pizza and "cookies & creme" dessert.  For those that don't know, the dessert is chocolate chip cookies soaked in milk, crumbled in whipped creme and all mixed together in  big bowl.  Simple, yes. Delicious, ALWAYS!

In addition to cash (so I could buy my own "fun-looking computer game"), I got some much-needed clothes for work.  I also received some other cool presents:

I love "based on a true story" sports movies.  I'm looking forward to watching Invictus!  I also got "Letters from God."  That should be a good family movie to watch!  I am REALLY looking forward to playing some BBT!  I didn't know there was board game! Haha!  I had asked for John Grisham's latest "Calico Joe," but I wasn't even sure it was on audio yet. Sure enough!  Shan said it was literally fresh off the truck!  They were bringing it in as she was asking for it. How cool is that!?

The Darth Vader shirt absolutely rocks!  And the Razorbacks hat has a story, which I will share because I know you are just dying to hear it.

As you may know, Tyler is playing baseball with the High School team this year.  During one of the games, the sky was a perfectly clear blue - no clouds at all, sun shining, great baseball day.  Well, over the years, much of my hair has jumped ship.  While I was sitting in the stands, the coach (who was my R.A. in college, and have known for many years now) came over to me and said, "I just told Tyler you need a hat. You're blinding the players!" Hahaha! Awesome!

So, Shan bought a hat for me to keep in the car for future baseball events.  That is love, folks.

Thanks to my wonderful family for my gifts and to all my friends for the birthday wishes throughout the day!!

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