Apr 4, 2012

American Idol Top 8

Here is our take on this week's Top Eight going back to the 80's:

Deandre - Um, no.

Elise - UGH. Nasty low end junk there. Not a good start. Can we whine any more? No thanks.

Colton/Skylar - Islands in the Stream - Okay, weird staging. Not really feelin it. But, okay. "What-eva..."

Phillip - That's All - good choice. Let's see. Oh, man, this is awesome!  I am gonna download this one for sure. Nice! Too bad he didn't pick a Joe Cocker song!

Hollie/Deandre - I'm So Excited - Not bad, actually. Hollie is much better than Deandre.

Joshua - This is the way Joshua needs to sing. Shan says, "He is back on tonight!" And that is exactly right. Nicely done! Awesome.

Jessica - Uh, yeah! Duh.  Nice update to "How Will I Know!" She definitely channels some Whitney. Excellent!

Phillip/Elise - "Stop dragging my heart around" - This should be good. Not bad! A little off somewhere, but very nice pairing, especially for this song.

Hollie - "What a feeling" - This feels.. mechanical... for lack of a better word.  I dunno. Forced, maybe? Not bad, but not great.

Jessica/Joshua - This isn't bad, but they certainly do better solo than together.

Colton - "Time After Time" - Oh, okay, the perennial Idol fare. Every season, this song seems to creep in. Now we have some weird punk-ish version going on. Not a fan. I think he missed the point of the song. It's a no for me. Shan and Emily liked it.

Skylar - Wind Beneath My Wings - A bit nasal for me. But aside from that, this was the perfect choice for her!  Nicely done!

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