Aug 6, 2010

It's Africa Hot

Living in L-A (that's Lower-Arkansas) has its distinct disadvantages lately.  Topping that list: HEAT.  We've had 100+ temps for at least two weeks in a row, if not more (and sure, I could look that up, but you can just take my word for it).  During the summer, we've had more 100+ days this year (so far) than any other point in the past - I saw that on the news.

I got into my car yesterday after work, and the temperature gauge read... 115F! Now, I know that is "sitting in the sun all day" heat, but even after I got the car moving, it "chilled" to 107 and was 104 by the time I got home.

We had a teaser last night, though.  Thunder and clouds moved around us, holding out the promise of a downpour.  Instead, as if there were some kind of dome over our little neck of the woods, the clouds seemed to part when they close.  As I said to my PLN - I feel like Yukon Corneilus - Nothin'!

As they say in the movies... It's Hot. It's Africa Hot.

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