Aug 11, 2010

A couple new things to check out

I've got a couple new things going on to help folks navigate the randomness that is my brain.

First, I've created a space specifically for my author-related information: That site will serve as my "official" place to post updates regarding new books, signings, etc.  Oh yes, there will be signings.

Second, as the result of a meeting and discussion among state technology coordinators, I have created a place to keep up with my daily work log.  I know I have posted some thoughts and insights about my workday on here, but nothing that could be construed as a "journal" of my daily activities.  The fact is that we state-level techs are feeling pretty lucky to still have our jobs after last year's round of budget cuts.  Our jobs are completely at the mercy of the State Legislature.  If this journal helps shed some light on what it takes to serve the schools in my area, then it is more than worth it.  Though a "public" journal was not necessarily part of the discussion, I opted to go that route because of two reasons: 1) I love the blogging format for this type of thing, and 2) since I work for the public sector, why not provide a public venue in which to report my daily activities?  I see it as win-win.

The site for my daily working journal is: 

By creating those other two sites, I free up *this* one for the truly random things that, well, Popped In My Head.

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