Feb 17, 2017

Work Life: Using SEER to give instant, easy previews on Windows (the way Mac OS X does!)

tl;dr - Use SEER for Windows for quick previews!

I use all kinds of devices in my day-to-day life. It gets frustrating when one Operating System (OS) provides a feature that I would like to see on others. For example, on Mac OS X, you can click on the thumbnail for a PDF, an image, a video, and a slew of other files then tap the SPACE BAR and get a quick pop-up preview of the selected file.

This comes in handy when you aren't sure what's in the file and just want to take a quick look without firing up the host program. On Windows, there is no quick preview.

Enter SEER (http://1218.io/)! This handy little program adds that SPACE BAR quick view to Windows! And, it is FREE!

Here are a couple of screenshots to show you what it looks like in action:

Selected file (left) and Preview

Select text directly from preview!

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