Dec 5, 2013

#aesa2010 thursday 3pm - Learning Business by Being One

#aesa2010 thursday 3pm - Learning Business by Being One

Why I chose this:
Learning how to teach students to be entrepreneurial. Led by Kevin Honeycutt and Ginger Lewman!

What I learned:

Tell students to be a "public genius." Tell them to publish if it's good. If it isn't good, tell them to edit them publish!

STEM needs the A - who else would design it!? STEAM

Do students know they are competing with the whole world? Learn to birth ideas.

The Maker Movement - make things that belong to the students.

What tools are available to students to create?

Contest: 1) Nothing illegal, nothing immoral. Kids make lip balm, sell it market it, create website, enable ecommerce. Sell it worldwide. Highest profit at the end wins.

"The Coming Jobs War" - Jim Clifton

It takes time and sacrifice to get where they need to go. We have to teach students this.

Tools into toys, toys into tools - what are we making with the most powerful tools we have!?

Students must choose to move ahead. Teach them to WAIT and earn what they want.

When you have success, call the media. Make the STUDENTS the stars of the news.

Why matters more than How!

Simulate the things they will have to do as soon as you show them what they will be doing.

"A rabbit takes her young out to the grass to show how to feed, where it is... If it were a school, there'd be a Smart Board in the hole with a picture of grass that's 10 feet away."

Students have to learn how to learn. Teach students to teach themselves. - click on the toolbox!

L2L2L - Love 2 Love 2 Learn!

Learn to market yourself: What do you look like when you google yourself?

Google Alerts: set up an alert for themselves. How do you see yourself? How do others see you?

Spoonflower: Upload a design and it will print it as fabric, wallpaper, decals, etc!

Tunecore - sell your music online, audiobook, ringtones

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