Sep 2, 2013

Google Billing Update: Invalid Request Error - Resolved, at least for me.

Many people are having trouble getting into admin console for their the Google-registered domain name. When they try to log in, all they get is "INVALID REQUEST." Unfortunately, no one seems to speak "English" so any helpful directions are few and far between. (By "English," I mean non-geekspeak, not actual "English")

Here is a fix that worked for me:

Okay, I *FINALLY* got in to the stupid thing. Here is how, thanks to a modified version of something LMckin51 posted.  Here is what worked for me:

Password reset:

Naturally, you take out "REPLACETHISWITHYOURDOMAIN" above and actually type your domain there. 

You should see a CAPTCHA code. Enter the info.

You should be alerted that the reset link has been sent to your primary email address (most likely your GMAIL username with your registered domain name, mine was). I opened my secondary email to find the link.

Click the link in the email. At this point (and/or possibly in the previous step as well), you will see your domain name's username. Make a note of that!

Reset your password.

Login to the admin console with your DOMAIN NAME account info. Do **NOT** login with your account!! Use your account!!

You may get a warning about logging in with two gmail accounts. Whatever, just keep moving.

Once you are logged in, update/set your billing info!


  1. This work for me thanks so much

  2. Thanks much. This certainly helped!!!! A corona on me :-)

  3. You are both very welcome! Thanks for reading along.

  4. Excellent. Thank you - straight to the point, and I don't have to read tons of useless malakia.

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