Feb 22, 2013

TIE 2013 Harry Dickens Session


iBooks Author - Get the students creating!
Templates for iBooks Author in the iBooks Store

  • Picture gallery
  • Videos
  • Keynote
  • Questions
  • Zoom-in/out
  • Scrolling toolbar
  • Use HYPE instead of html code option
  • Embed link to live google form, come back to book
  • Use HYPE for pics/text/hyperlinks without leaving book
  • Link to external resources
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Pop-up Widget to add pop-up caption 
  • Word tile widget
  • Drawing tool
  • ibook-widgets.com - find other widgets
  • bookry.com
  • Flash cards - two-sided cards to include in book
  • Frame Sequence - create sequence can be dragged through in ipad
  • Image Carousel - add images/captions to Google Maps
  • Quiz - Split Whiteboard (text one side, draw on the other, submit to teacher)
  • Quiz - Split Worksheet - multiple choice, fill-in blank, drag drop, math, etc
Save widgets to computer, drag them into the iBook.

Morrilton students created a free iBook (Common Core Through Our Eyes)

Students create books, incorporate showme videos

Movie Captioner - Add closed captioning to videos

Crazy Talk 7 - Add animation to still images (like blabberizer)

Morfio - iPad app similar to CT7

Creative Book Builder - Publish via email, ePub, ftp, dropbox, google drive, etc

TouchAppCreator - create an app from web pages/web content/books, etc

NearPod - push presentations to various devices.

Blogsy - Post to various blogs, twitter, etc.

Explain A Webpage - Record screenshots with audio and overlays to help tell users where to click. Yes, this is a real app...

UploadSpot - Upload to Arkansas Digital Sandbox or other My VR Spot sites.

MyScript Calculator - handwriting recognition calculator

Long Division

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