Jan 1, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward

On this day one year ago, I set a few goals:

  1. Post more here on my blog,
  2. Write a new novel,
  3. Enhance my existing novel and rerelease it,
  4. Cross at least one item off my bucket list.
Let's see how I did:

2011 - 80 posts, 2012 - 90 posts = Mission accomplished, I guess.

I do plan to post more on here and a few enhancements should help in that regard. For example, InstaGram is now on IFTTT, so I created a recipe to auto-gen posts from my pics. I am also working on a few other recipes to help auto-post plus I have my own lengthier posts to put on here which will help build content as well.

New novel: Yeah, that went nowhere. I still plan to write it, but too many false starts and dead ends left me frustrated and dejected about the whole thing. I am hoping to find renewed vigor for the novel in 2013.

Enhance "Summer Breaks:" Yeah, that didn't go anywhere either. Maybe 2013 will prove a better playing field for my words.

Bucket List: I was able to cross TWO things off the list in 2012 - Ride Washington Incline and See Indians Play in Cleveland.

So, I went 2/4. Batting .500 isn't too bad. But, now, where do we go from here?

On the "to do" list for 2013:
  • Post more in 2013 than in 2012
  • Start "Somewhere Main and Maple Meet" over from scratch; bonus points for finishing it.
  • Add missing pieces to "Summer Breaks;" bonus points for republishing it.
  • Cross at least one item off my Bucket List
  • Perform a semi-anonymous random act of kindness at least once a month; bonus points for doing it more than that. semi-anonymous? That means I won't tell the people, but I may post about it here. I may not post about the acts, though. I wouldn't be doing these RAKs in order to brag or boast, so posting about them might seem that way. That is not my intention. Sometimes, though, performing a RAK may lead to personal insight and/or observation that I'd want to share.
I'm not setting unrealistic goals like "be less sarcastic" or "lose weight." I think knowing one's limitations and potential is key to successfully keeping one's "resolutions."

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