May 18, 2012

We're Legal!! Twenty-One Years!! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife!  Today, we are LEGAL! Wahoo!  Today, we mark the 21st year of our marriage.  Oh, I know, the 25th and the 50th are "the big ones" but since life in general hits a milestone at 21 years, I figured the same should be true for marriage.

I've said this a billion times, and I will say it a billion more: I love my wife more than ever.  Through all the soaring highs we've experienced and the rock-bottom lows we've struggled through together, she has been a solid rock.  That's not to say there haven't been tears (both of pain and of joy), because there have been plenty.  But, she stands on her faith which makes her stronger.  And that makes me stronger.

Over the course of twenty one years, we've been raising a family with our two beautiful children.  We've seen the passing of too many loved ones.  We've seen the births of loved ones we could never imagine being without.  Well, we didn't actually see the births! That would have been weird.  Anyway, people have gone out of our lives and come into our lives, and through it all, we have been very blessed to have experienced those together.

I pray that we have many, many more years ahead of us together!

I love you, Shan, with all that I have and all that I am!  You are my everything!

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