Jul 3, 2011

Back from Dead, Let's Celebrate

I figured I would update my blog readers on the status of the home desktop computer.  As I mentioned before, the main hard drive (there were three in the system, not RAIDed) just cliked away after I tried the freezer trick.  In case you are not aware of that trick, one can place a dead hard drive in the freezer for an hour or more, then hook the drive up and sometimes it will be readable for 20-30 minutes or more before dying again.  In my case, freezing the drive just loosened the head that wasn't moving but didn't help things.

The computer has a 250GB hard drive, which is small by today's standards buy also comes with the right price tag right now (FREE!!).  I had been debating to switch over to Windows 7 for some time, and this was the catalyst I needed.  I figured since I was already going to have install (or reinstall) an operating system, I might as well take the plunge.

Windows 7 allows you to install it on an existing drive, leaving all the data in tact. Very helpful. Of course, this is not news to those who have already have installed it.  After the install finished, there were updates to install, peripherals to set up, and programs/games to reinstall.  The upside of a crashing computer is that I generally do not reinstall EVERYTHING that was on the old system. This means that I end up with a much "cleaner, leaner" operating environment.

I have played a little with Windows 7, but nothing extensive.  Now that it has been out a couple years, I have to say, I like it a lot. Sure, finding system settings can be a little trying, but I've been enjoying the speed and features in Win7.

On Friday, (not really in celebration, but close enough for me) we headed up to Arkadelphia to the Aquatic Park there.  I had never been there before.  It was packed, but there were enough people OUT of the water that it only felt overwhelming a couple times.  Otherwise, everyone seemed to give everyone else some personal space.  The entrance fee is only 5 bucks a person, too. That's cheaper than a movie these days, and you get to slide down a fun twisting water slide, hang out under a rainfall mushroom, and get soaked by suspended water buckets.  Oh yeah, and you can swim, grab a snack, and lay out, too.

Emily was afraid to head down the slide at first, but the more kids she saw doing it (and with more than a little prodding), she became an old pro in no time!  In fact, we all took many, many turns riding down the slide, doing the "HOLY COW THIS CEMENT IS HOT" dance back into the line and then down again. 

There were no fights, no kids (or adults) getting out of line, no mass hysteria.  All races were represented. This is specifically targeted at those who have strong feelings about the city pool here in Prescott.  They key to success - setting rules, posting the rules, enforcing the rules.  The water park has a minimum of seven lifeguards that we saw.  They rotated stations every 30 minutes.  The most trouble anyone got into was for running.  Well, of course people were running - the cement was HOT! They need soakers or something to keep the walkways cool on hot days... Ouch!  Take note, Prescott City officials - everyone can play nice together. Let's get out of the dark ages already - let's open our own city-sponsored water park.  Nothing fancy, just something fun - for all.

We stayed a few hours, headed to Sonic for Happy Hour then headed back to the house.  And to think, we still have two days off to go!

Quick note: My niece was bowling on Saturday with her family and managed to break her thumb in the process. Please pray she heals quickly. It looks pretty bad from the photos we've seen. :-(

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