Monday, October 10, 2016

Back to Blogging

Heya! It's time to do some housecleaning. I don't know how many folks check this blog to see my newly posted Youtube videos. But, I am going to change those posts on here so I can get back to making this a blog and not just a place to showcase my latest videos.

When I first start this blog, it was so I could have a place to keep track of certain things I figured I would forget. Then, it grew into a proper blog. Then, somewhere along the way, I quit writing and started simply posting the videos, Instagrams, etc from those other sites and basically quit blogging at all.

I'm not about that. Not anymore, anyway. I'd like to get back into blogging and back into what this site was meant for: a place I could express myself.

Now, I am going to tie in my gaming, etc because I am hoping to make this site a place where I can talk about the games I am playing or why I did/do certain things in my videos.

I think I am also going to have a link on here at the top that lists all the suggestions folks are making on the Youtube channel so everyone can see which ones I've done and which are yet to be recorded. I think that would be fun to keep track of online! I dunno, we'll see.

So, for my long-time readers, THANK YOU for sticking around and checking things out.  If you're new here, THANK YOU for coming by to see what PoppedInMyHead is all about!

I will still post the videos I've done, but now they will have a bit of backstory or explanation or some kind of reason for being here.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my videos:

And, thanks for stopping by!

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